In April of 2014, Alabama passed legislation that allows certain people to petition a court in Alabama to have a criminal record expunged. Now, for the first time in Alabama, residents who have been charged with a non-violent felony, misdemeanor offense, violation, traffic violation, or municipal ordinance violation, BUT WERE NOT CONVICTED, may be able to erase the arrest record from public view entirely.

Specifically, if a petition for the expungement of a criminal record is granted, the court’s order will expunge all arrest records, booking or arrest photographs, fingerprints, and all index references in the State Judicial Information System or any other governmental index references for public records search.

Once a record is ordered to be expunged, the proceedings regarding the charge shall be deemed NEVER TO HAVE OCCURRED. The person whose record is expunged does not have to disclose the fact of the record or any matter relating to it on an application for employment, credit, or other type of application.

If you have a criminal record in Alabama that needs to be ERASED, please submit the online form or call Matt Alfreds at 334-300-8500 to complete the process.

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