Criminal Defense


Being charged with a crime is one of the scariest situations a person can face. From worrying about potential jail time, potential fines, and a criminal record, a defendant in a criminal case no doubt has many questions and concerns about their charge. During this time, having a strong ally in your corner can be invaluable. The peace of mind of knowing that your case is in experienced hands can be key to getting through this and achieving the most successful outcome possible for your particular case.

At our office, we strive to provide strong, experienced representation to our clients no matter what charges they may face. We are committed to providing our clients with the best representation possible, ensuring that their case is given the attention it deserves. Our office approaches every case and every client with the same dedication and zeal. We deliver creative strategies designed to give our clients the best chance at a successful result. We understand that there is nothing more important in your life than the criminal charges that you or a loved one faces and we assure it is our highest priority as well. Most importantly, we provide honesty and integrity in representation.

Some people may think that criminal charges happen to “other people.” They don’t expect that a family member, close friend, or even they themselves may be charged with a crime. The truth is that people from all backgrounds can be charged with a crime. No matter your race, ethnicity, or background in general, you may run afoul of the law. Good people can get caught in bad situations and suddenly find that the need they help of a criminal defense attorney. This does not make someone a bad person or mean that they should be judged; rather, it means they need the quality representation they are guaranteed under the Constitution.

When you first retain us, we will immediately begin investigating the facts of your case. We will contact all witnesses, examine physical evidence, and seek to identify any holes in the prosecution’s case. No matter what charges you face, we will listen with compassion and understanding, not judging or looking down on the client. We will force the state to meet its burden of proof and ensure that your rights are upheld in a court of law.

We believe that everyone deserves high quality representation regardless of their charges and regardless of their finances. Simply because a person is on a limited budget does not mean they should be forced to settle for budget representation. We will work with you and your family to negotiate an agreeable fee structure based on the seriousness and complexity of your case.

If you have been charged with a crime in Alabama, we understand how difficult this time can be. We want to ensure that this process moves as smoothly as possible and work closely with our clients to give them the high-level service and knowledgeable defense they need. We will give you the straight answers and personal service you deserve.

If you need to speak with an attorney regarding a criminal matter, please submit the online form or call The Law Office of Matthew B. Alfreds at 334-300-8500.

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